Everything You Should Know About Garden Maintenance

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Ara Vista Village

Green thumbs would agree that a home that maintains a garden is a vibrant, liveable home ideal for raising a family.

Not only do they keep better air quality, plants adds to the aesthetic value of a home. You need not be a green thumb to maintain a healthy garden. What you need is enough appreciation to motivate you to grow your own verdant paradise.

Garden Design Infograph




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6 Ridiculous Myths about Real Estate

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The TechEstate Blog

1. Real Estate Agents Make Too Much Money

Not only are agents not being paid too much, they’re only making about $38,000 annually. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying they’re underpaid, but taking into consideration that half the agents at most brokerages only make about four deals a year and manual fees are deducted, 38K a year is far from “too much money.”

 2. Agents Will Say Anything to Make the Sale

This can be true for some agents, but it’s definitely not the norm. Also, if you start looking for a real estate agent while having that negative mindset, it’s going to be increasingly harder for him or her to help you because you already don’t trust them.  Most agents take pride in making sure their clients trust them and making sure they are informing you on everything you need to know to make an educated decision on your…

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I recently joined Zillow.com Are you on

I recently joined Zillow.com Are you on it? If so I would like to connect: http://ow.ly/zvawe Thanks in advance

Looking for anything concerning homes in

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In South Florida and needing a Realtor?

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Sunshine state of mind…


JTeji Photography

Anyone in Chicago/Midwest remember the Polar Vortex at the beginning of the year?
It was our anniversary on January 2nd and luckily we had a trip planned and escaped the horrible Chicago weather that week.
We didn’t think we were going to get out and definitely had some trouble getting back into town.

I know these pictures are long overdue but I thought I would at least share them…better late than never, right?

We stayed in Pompano Beach area in Florida and did one day at Epcot Center in Disney World!

I have a lot of other pictures to share from Chicago and hope to post those soon! Hope everyone is enjoying summertime 🙂

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Are you in South Florida? This site will

Are you in South Florida? This site will help with all of your needs! http://ow.ly/zq3TO

US Home Sales Increase 2.6% in June

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THE ROSENTHAL GROUP The Philadelphia Real Estate Experts

Sales of previously owned homes rose for a third straight month in June, pushing activity to the highest level in eight months and providing evidence that housing is regaining lost momentum. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) said Tuesday that sales of existing homes increased 2.6 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.04 million homes. It marked the first time that sales have been above the 5 million-mark since October.

Even with the three months of increases, however, sales were still 2.3 percent below the sales rate in June of last year. Sales peaked in July last year and then lost momentum as mortgage rates rose from extremely low levels. Sales were further hurt by an unusually severe winter.

After peaking at 5.38 million units last July, sales had been falling as mortgage rates climbed from historic lows after then-Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke indicated in June that the…

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22 Signs You are New to South Florida

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Allison Torsani

DSCF2837_21. You get excited to see alligators in the swamps and canals. In fact, you are anxiously awaiting the moment you spot one in the community pool; until then, all you can do is dream up the perfect Instagram filter.

2. You are still amazed to see blue water when you arrive at the beach. I mean, what is this place? A postcard?

3. Thoughts in the ocean: “Why is there a starfish on my foot?!”

4. Any confidence you once had in a bathing suit has been obliterated by thong-wearing South Beach regulars. It’s a shocking sight to get used to.

5. After strong storms, you are surprised to find a large palm branch sprawled across the entire road. Be on the lookout, friends.

6. Fifteen miles no longer equals a fifteen-minute drive. I’m sorry, there is no escaping it.

7. …Driving here in general.

8. You do everything you can…

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