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Is your cellphone affecting your sleep?

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Alarm ClockTo really rest at night and get the recovery your body and your mind need, it is recommended to put away all distractions and make your bedroom a silent and quiet place as much as possible.

And while we can dim the lights and turn the TV off, the little device that stays on all night is our beloved cell phone.

We take it with us everywhere during the daytime, and if you are like me, we put in on our nightstand at night, and even use it as wakeup alarm.

But can you keep your hand off the phone, can you stop reading your emails, your texts or playing games in your phone at a time when you are supposed to be sleeping?

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Image Courtesy of Feelart/  Alarm Clock Image ID: 100144017

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Welcome to Pompano Beach Sign

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IBI Group Public Art Master Plan for Pompano Beach

hollywood-sign_1615566c As you enter Pompano Beach onto Atlantic Blvd from I-95 south, the City owns Avondale Park –  a long park running along the off-ramp.  Why are not a “HOLLYWOOD” sign created by an artist?

Here are other examples of signs my artists.

Los_Angeles_International_Airport Los_Angeles_International_Airport

Young At Art, Davie Young At Art, Davie

Artist Jack Pierson Artist Jack Pierson

Avondale Park at I-95 & Atlantic Avondale Park at I-95 & Atlantic


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